Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Reputation Management Tips | Commercial Real Estate Training
In commercial real estate brokerage your reputation is everything. You have to build it and also protect it if you want more listings and clients. Far too many agents 'live' inside the brokerage brand without making much of a brand for themselves in their location. Brand management and the marketing of the personal brand that you can bring to the property market are really important factors to work on. Build Your Personal Plan So how can you get this process underway or strengthen your personal profile that you currently have? I like to recommend that all brokers and agents set in place a 'Strategic Reputation' plan where they can build their profile across the target market segment and with the people that really matter. Over time the 'reputation' of any particular person as an industry professional is shaped and encouraged through a model or a basic plan. To get this concept underway the following ideas will help: What are your real estate skills and strengths? - There is no poi