Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Attract New Clients Through Email Marketing | Commercial Real Estate Training
In commercial real estate brokerage the email marketing process has a place and a use. Connecting with customers regularly using email should be quite specific and well planned by any agent considering the process. It requires a plan of action and a high degree of relevance to make emails stand out as valuable and interesting to the clients that are receiving them. It should be noted that most brokerages will send out some form of email dispatch to clients and prospects on a regular basis. That being said, most of those emails sent today are just lists of properties for sale or lease and not much else. Over time the client or the prospect receiving the emails can find the information a bit useless and irrelevant, perhaps even mundane. That then leads to an 'unsubscribe'. You will always get some 'unsubscribes' so the message is that you need more 'subscribes' to fill the gaps and grow your database. So the message here is that all the emails that you send as part of