Commercial Real Estate Agent – Presentation and Sales Pitch Tips and Ideas | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
When you work in commercial real estate sales and leasing, you will be presenting and pitching for business just about every day in some way or form. It pays for you to develop a presentational system that focuses you completely on the client and their property. In this way, you can convert more business and keep your competitors away from your market share. Get Some Presentation Alignment I like to think of it as a 'jet-powered' process. Your presentation or sales pitch can have all the elements of a 'plane on a runway'. Here are some good words that come to mind. Planning Power Direction Implementation Commitment What would happen if you were in a plane on the runway and the thrust of the engines started? Soon you are powering down the tarmac and preparing to lift into the sky. Suddenly the pilot decides that they want to shut down the engines. The whole thing could be a complete disaster. You are the 'pilot' to take the clients property into the sky and out into the World