Commercial Property Managers – A Valuable Reference for Maintenance Management | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
When you manage a number of commercial or retail buildings you should have a maintenance routine established in the office and within the property management team so that tenant and landlord requests for maintenance can be handled effectively and correctly. So this is a business system within a property management team. Ultimately this can mean a reduction in property risk and a greater level of control on property expenditure. The tenants and the landlord of the property thereby benefit. When you act for a number of landlords, the differences in authority and instructions in each case should be respected and remembered. How do you do it? There are ways to establish a system like this. The property management team should all participate in the establishment of the system and the application of it into the property portfolio. They should then understand the system so that they use it correctly. When a maintenance job comes in, the system takes over and the details are correctly