Commercial Property Management – How to Control Environmental Factors in your Property Portfolio | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Your property management portfolio and the individual properties under management will be impacted by environmental issues through the year. Some of those properties will be impacted more than others; that can lead to loss of rent, failure of tenant businesses, and a landlord suffering some investment pressure. That is where professional property management controls come in. (NB - you can get plenty of commercial and retail property management tips and ideas right here in Snapshot) Property Management Systems A top-grade property management team will know how to look for issues in a property, and know how to fix those things. There will be 'systems' in the team to handle the issues associated with: Landlords Tenants Buildings Emergencies Documentation Investment performance Insurance cover and risk Building code compliance Rents and property cash flow Risk management Health and safety Environmental matters Climate events and changes Energy management Precinct changes, and