Commercial Property Management – 4 Ways to Control Energy in Commercial Property Performance | Commercial Real Estate Training
If you work in commercial real estate property management and leasing, you will likely understand that the energy costs are increasingly a big part of property performance. Energy costs will impact property outgoings for the landlord and for the tenant. Those costs have to be balanced and controlled so they do not drag down the other factors of property performance. All things being taken into account, occupancy costs in leasing any property greatly impact the decisions of tenants. Tenants will make their occupancy choices in shortlisting buildings that are energy efficient and 'cost controlled'. It directly follows that the older inefficient buildings will become redundant and less attractive to occupants. Vacancies happen in older buildings Vacancy factors are now rising in older buildings as tenants look to relocate into better quality occupancy. The landlords and owners of older buildings are seeing vacancy factors rise; the only way they can handle such an investment change