Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Set Your Winning Listing Priorities | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
When pitching for a listing, I follow some rules as a guide so I can get the best outcomes from a listing perspective. Those rules are worth sharing. This checklist approach can also help you get better results with your properties and clients. (NB - you can get plenty of listing tips in our 'Snapshot' program right here) Why have this approach to the business and the properties? There are too many variables in our 'game' and focus can be lost when presenting and pitching for a listing. Property listing strategy Understand what you want from a listing. A good outcome with a new property will reflect at least some if not all the following factors: Client awareness – always start with the client, what their property is, and what they expect as a 'positive outcome' to their property challenge. Ask plenty of questions to get to the key results and targets. The client will have expectations regards price or rent, timing, strategy, and duration. The prevailing property market