Automating Your Commercial Real Estate Cold Calls | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
"I love cold calling!" Said no one…ever. What if I told you AI can be used to automate this process? I'm sure you've heard AI will be the next big thing to hit business, but how does it apply to commercial real estate? Let's discuss the two things you hate doing the most – cold calling and emailing. How can we use AI to automate this without breaking the bank? The answer may surprise you! Gathering a Cold Call / Email List. Renomoy allows you to build and export an Excel spreadsheet of building owners filtered by location and/or property type. Do you want a list of all the multifamily property owners in Baltimore? Renomy can pull those leads and export them in a matter of minutes. These spreadsheets include contact names, phone numbers and emails which can be plugged into your automation. Tenant information. Consider using InfoUSA to pull business owners and managers. I highly suggest the use of a sales agent instead of their automated process. A sales agent will be