Attaining True Independence in Commercial Property Management | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
There is a certain 'attainable mass' of properties in commercial or retail property management that will seem to create its ongoing portfolio growth momentum. Getting up to and beyond that point is the focus for many brokerages. (NB - you can get plenty of commercial property management tips in our Snapshot program right here - its free) Typically, and for a few years at the start of a brokerage, the conversions of new properties to managements can seem slow and difficult, but eventually the numbers of managed properties start to strengthen and get easier. Persistence and professionalism will generally 'pay off' with new business over time. The Commercial Property Management Equation That 'attainable mass' is usually a 'formula' or several factors coming together for a brokerage; there are many variables at play with a team of property managers and portfolios. Some of those variables should be optimized over time. Here are my observations on that special 'formula':