An Easy Do It Yourself Marketing Plan in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate, and as a broker or agent, you need a marketing plan for yourself if you want to succeed with listings and commissions. How you do that will depend on several things including property speciality, customer types, and future opportunity. Talk to people and put yourself into the local area when it comes to businesses, properties, and investors. Why do this? The marketing plan you create takes over your brokerage momentum, and over time, that marketing plan can be shaped and honed. Personal opportunity then evolves. Consistency and targeted actions will help you get better results in brokerage. So, what is your marketing plan? What is Your Opportunity? Before saying too much here, what is an 'opportunity' for you as a broker today? What does it look like and where does it come from? What types of new business do you believe is a real 'opportunity' for you over time? Determine your answers in the categories of: Sales of investment property or owner