9 Strategies to Keep You at The Top of Your Game in Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Everyone in commercial real estate brokerage should have a base plan of action that they work to. It is, if you like, a basic 'personal marketing plan'. Yes, it is hard to apply every day especially when you are busy, but it is essential. Without it, progress with clients, listings and market share stalls. When the process is applied effectively and personally, new business evolves and establishes itself quite easily. That is what most agents and brokers want; so many struggle unnecessarily with their results for all the wrong reasons. Discipline and control help the brokerage results and momentum for all. Are you ready to 'challenge yourself' to set some new plans in place? The opportunities are out there. Get organised and follow this basic business model. While this is logical, why is it so hard for many? A 'mindset' is a key part of the process of acting on opportunities. Believing in what you are doing and why that is the case will help you attract new business. Control