8 Things Commercial Real Estate Leasing Brokers Must Know | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate leasing, you can drive some valuable commission and listing opportunities your way if you specialize in a location and a property type. Leasing requires a good working knowledge at a personal level of rents, vacancies, and leases. Across all those factors, you must also know a good number of tenants and landlords. That fact is non-negotiable; your database is central to the process. (NB - you can get plenty of leasing tips in commercial property here in Snapshot - its free) Where can you start your efforts in this part of the property industry? Here are some ideas to help. If leasing is a part of the property market for you, then your database of tenants will be critical to the enquiry and momentum that you create with inspections and lease offers. Focus on Quality to Get Leasing Traction It should also be said that the quality of buildings, landlords, and tenants that you work with or for will also be a big part of building your