6 Negotiation Tips that Almost Guarantee Success | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate every day, there are many negotiation issues to work through. Some involve clients, while others will involve third parties to a transaction. You could say that, as a broker of property deals, you can be always learning when it comes to property and the many varied market conditions. The more that you learn about property situations and transactions, the better you can get. What is happening out there? The property market changes regularly through the year, and on that basis, the terms of negotiation will vary based on market conditions, available listings, benchmark price or rent evidence, and the intentions or targets of the parties. You will be working with different parties and they will have different pressures. Go 'deep' on the actual situation of a transaction and gather the elements of negotiation before you go too far into any dialogue and the positioning of the parties. Put Some 'Deal Fun' into Your Day Of course,