13 Key Skills Sets to a Successful Career in Commercial Real Estate Agency | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
A career in commercial real estate agency can be very rewarding for those that work to a plan and develop a real focus on self-improvement. It is a fact that the commissions made from a single transaction can be very significant however they don't come easily. A client has to trust an agent and respect the skill that the agent brings to the property challenge. Without that client trust and belief the listings do not happen. You can set yourself up for growth and success in the industry if you develop a mindset of growth in skill and knowledge. You then need to match that with systemised prospecting, listing, negotiating, and documentation. You see there are specific stages to what we do as agents in selling, leasing, or managing a commercial or retail property. Each stage has special skills and requirements. Now it should be said that most agents are somewhat average in most of the skills so that works for most salespeople and they can work in the industry; only the top agents