Wedding Details of the Most Talked-About Couple! | Colors of Blog
Virushka is now official! The couple is now married and their wedding was so awesome! The captain of the India Cricket Team Viraat Kohli and the gorgeous Indian actress Anushka Sharma married on 11th December 2017. The most awaited event occurred on this special day. Here's everything about this special day belongs to the most popular couple of India! Pre Wedding! Three days before the actual celebration, the bride Anushka Sharma was spotted at Mumbai airport, along with her family. It included her parents and brother. The family was accompanied by a priest. The presence of their family priest sort of confirmed the rumors of her wedding. While the same day Virat Kohli left India for Milan, Italy from New Delhi. Virat somehow escaped from the media. Virat and Anushka former had a meeting with their family priest. The couple had a Pooja in Haridwar with the same priest. The Special Day of Wedding! 11th of December was a special day when this couple gets into a bond called marriage.