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Here is the list of Valentine's Day quotes and messages. Send these Valentine's day quotes to your lover to impress and make this day a little special from the beginning to its end. Valentine's day is a day to express love but it does not mean that you should only express your love on Valentine's day. Send these Valentine's day quotes to your lover any day, anytime to express your love. Two glasses of wine Sky full or starts that shine The night will mine If you will be my valentine! Happy Valentine's Day If you are by my side I'm not scared of anything, even if the whole world is against me. Happy Valentine's Day Two hearts Two bodies One love and together our life starts Happy Valentine's Day What are you gifting me this Valentine's, she asked. I don't believe in this concept, he replied. The wedding ring was a surprise! Happy Valentine's Day No gift can be more precious than your love for me. Happy Valentine's Day I don't