Ted Talks is now on Star Plus! Everything to Know About | Colors of Blog
Ted is an organization which organizes shows known as Ted Talks. It provides a platform to the people who are willing to come up and share ideas. The organization shares the video on this talks free online through their Android application "Ted". This is a media organization, formed in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks. Motive Ted is a nonprofit organization. It is an organization which totally devotes itself to spread ideas. They believe in doing this work for free. Hence, they distribute these talks for free Online. The tagline of the organization is "Ideas Worth Spreading". It gives a platform and believes that all the ideas, from the simplest to the most innovative one should reach to every individual. Ted talks is not isolated with a specification in the ideas. It is open for each and every type of idea. On Ted Talks, you can find every type of talks on various ideas ranging from economic growth, business ideas, women empowerment and what not. Ted Talks India Star Plus