Salman Khan Birthday: The Next Big Day! | Colors of Blog
Salman Khan birthday is here in the B-Town. The Sultan of the Bollywood turns 51 today. That is the special date on 27th of December when the star was born 52 years ago. Well, seems like this time as well, there will be a bash at his place on this occasion. On this special day let's know about few of his past birthday bashes! Salman Khan Birthday Bashes: 51st Salman Khan Birthday The Bhai of Bollywood a habit of remaining in the headlines. That's what he has been doing for the past many years. He throws the best of birthday bashes every year. Last year on being 51, the star celebrated the day at his farmhouse in Panvel. Only family and close friends were present. It was a retro theme party. The most important for Sallu Bhai on this birthday was the presence of his small nephew, Ahil. 50th Salman Khan Birthday On his 50th Salman Khan birthday, that is 2 years back, guess the location! Yet again, his Panvel farmhouse. Seems like that is his favorite. Many Bollywood celebs were