Messenger Kids by Facebook – What it is? | Colors of Blog
Messenger is an app which works as a chat platform for Facebook, which is known by everyone connected to digital media. Now to cover up each specific segment, Facebook introduces a separate platform app designed specifically for kids - "Messenger kids". Facebook promotes this app as "safe kids chat app", which is all under control by there parents. This app uses wifi to video call their parents and grandparents which do not requires sim at all. And obviously the text chat, emojis, and editing pictures. Parental control allows parents to monitor chats of their kids, they can control adding of contacts by approvals, sleep mode feature etc. And all these functions are controlled from the default Facebook app of their parents. Kids can only chat with those people, those who get approval from their parents. Controlling Features: Parents approve every contact so kids can chat in a safer, more controlled environment. Parents can remove any contact at any time Sleep mode to set times