Easy Ways to Improve Communication Skills | Colors of Blog
With the growing importance of corporate world, globalization and with the entry of MNCs in India, importance of English communications gone up. Where India is still a country where only 10% of Indians can speak and understand the English language. Even after going into the corporate worlds, people aren't fluent in their language and hence it leads to hesitation in speaking and it ultimately ends up in poor communication skills But that can be improved with just some practices followed daily. Here are some practices which might help you in doing so! · Speak to Yourself! Yes, you read it correctly, speaking to yourself in front of the mirror is actually a must do thing for every person to enhance their personality. If you are weak in your communication skills, then this is going to boost up your confidence every single day. This practice if done in the morning could also improve the way your impression lands up on people. You can also make changes in your body language