How to lose weight without strict exercising schedule? | Colors of Blog
Girls nowadays are running to gyms and rely on strict diets tolose weight and are still not able to do so. If you are also the one who wants to lose weight but are unable to go to gym or food is your life and it restricts you to lose weight, here are simple ways to lose weight, without much control! Follow these following steps daily and you can lose up to 10kgs! · Get up early in the morning. No one is asking you to get up before the sun rises, no not that much but yes, not after 7 am. To maintain a good health, it is important to take the fresh air of the morning. Excess of sleeping also leads to increase in the weight and also the metabolism of the body in the morning works more promptly and any task you perform in the morning will help to improve the health, coz to lose weight one must ensure that their health is maintained. · Morning walk Walking daily for just half an hour will bring drastic changes in your body. It will increase your strength, help you lose fat