35 Homemade Christmas Decorations Ideas! | Colors of Blog
It is now the time for Christmas. Homemade Christmas Decorations is a perfect idea for the biggest festival of all time. So if you haven't decorated your house yet don't worry. Because this time you don't have to spend a lot of money in celebrating the festival. Here are some of the easiest homemade Christmas decorations ideas ever. For which you will not need much money, but a much of homely items! Christmas Tree from Plastic Bottle All you need to do is, gather green colored plastic bottles. We all have many such bottles at homes, which are left to be thrown out but you can use them to create a Christmas tree. So collect them and remove their bottom. After doing it, place multiple cuts on the bottle vertically to just a few centimeters away from the cap of the bottle. Do likewise with about 10 – 20 bottles. Take a planter, fix a strong stick in it. And put all the cut bottles down the length of the stick. Make sure the bottles face upward that is the cap of the bottle is