Health! The Most Common Problem of Youth! | Colors of Blog
The major issue of concern for the youth and the future of the planet as well as many countries. Its Causes With globalization, the world is all linked and no country is left behind in terms of any international change. Especially in developed and developing countries, the fast food chains are so much in trend. The so-called "fast food" or rather we should call it "junk food", is one of the favorites appetite and also is listed at the first position in the priority list of the youngsters. Hanging around with alike ones and eating unhealthy food, is actually the only thing most of the youngsters prefer! As the phrase says "Health is Wealth" which makes health as the most important factors affecting everyone's life. But the current, as well as upcoming generations, is actually not concerned about their health, which makes this issue a matter of concern, especially in countries like India, which consists of more than 60% of the population of youth, that is people from the age of 18 years