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Dead Rat Came Free With His Spinach-Filled Sandwich Once some friends went in local subway shop for having sandwiches, at the time they gave their orders at the counter, when they were just leaving the counter they saw a dead rat in the container of the spinach. The container was almost empty. But when their staff look at it they refunded all money for all customers present in the store (Order from headquarter) and also consulted with physician and he told that there is no chance of getting sick by eating these foods in this condition. But still they announced a news that all consumers can take their refunds who purchased any stuff from that store on that day and also advices to take green pill to avoid harm of health. McDonald's Filet-o-Fish allegedly came with a worm A woman claimed that she gets a dead worm in her filet o fish burger and when she claimed, she got a refund immediately. But afterwards she filled a complained in a health department. MC Donald's told in reply that