Big Boss Contestants Escaped against the contract! | Colors of Blog
Here is the list of Big Boss Contestants who escaped in the middle of the show. Navjot Singh Sidhu Navjot Singh Sidhu a politician, former cricketer, comedian, and commentator appeared in Big Boss Season 6. He is one of the Big Boss Contestants who escaped. And he leaves the show in the middle of the season. Finally, he made a voluntary exit from the house, against the contact of Big Boss, according to which anyone could not go out without elimination. Sidhu had to take such a step because of the election were on the head, and being a politician his presence was important. For such an exit he had to bear the repercussions for leaving the House in middle of the game. Sameer Soni Sammer Soni, an actor was seen as a Big Boss contestants in season 4. Where he fell into a very dirty fight with a fellow contestant Dolly Bindra. Due to which his patience level broke down and he requested BigBoss to open the gate and let him go. Despite the warning given by the Big Boss that he has to