The Nostalgia and Excitement of a Summer Music Festival | Colorado Music Festival | Summer Classical Music Festival
by Peter Oundjian, Music Director I can't wait to be in the throes of a summer festival again. It's one of my absolute favourite things about spending a life as a classical musician, and it's something that's been missing from my life for too long. Summer programs and festivals have had a profound impact on my career path, my friendships, and my journey through life, and the Colorado Music Festival is a bright new chapter in a big book that had begun to gather some dust. After a long season of making music with our home teams, many musicians take the opportunity to get out of town for a while and join a new squad for the summer. Kids everywhere go off to camp for a month or two in the summer. The best part about it is that it's not like school at all; there's a wonderful informality at camp. The frightening speed of summer injects an immediate collegial atmosphere into camp life. You become nostalgic about it long before it's even over, and you hold on to every day a little more