What We're Reading - Collidoscope Berlin
How to keep informed about issues that affect the Berlin-dweller, beyond art openings and open-airs? How do we stay inspired and curious about this wonderful city’s many flavors and colors? Some tips from our arsenal: German language MiGazin, “das Fachmagazin für Migration und Integration in Deutschland” Neukö, “Lokaljournalismus aus und über Berlin-Neukölln” Kiez und Kneipe, “Lokalblatt und Wirtschafszeitung von Nachbarn für Nachbarn” Pro Asyl, “der Einzelfall zählt” Migration und Bevölkerung, “das Online Portal zur Migrationsgesellschaft” Mediendienst Integration, “Information zu Fragen der Einwanderungsgesellschaft” BERLIN INTERNATIONAL, Nachrichten und Infos für internationale Berliner ZEIT ONLINE, Nachrichten English language or both Finding Berlin, “a visual magazine dedicated to Berlin and its cultural diversity” Slow Travel Berlin, explore the city ‘slowly’ with culture tips, historical exposés, interviews with locals and more The Needle: Sharp on Berlin, a Canadian academic and journalist’s insightful reportage on issues of memory politics and place-making in the city Wednesday Chef, Berlin blog: Berlin on a Platter, transnational author of My Berlin Kitchen‘s inspiring blog for eating and eating-related reflection Berlin Stories, NPR, corky vignettes Young Germany, “Your career, education, and lifestyle guide”, general website The Local, “Germany’s news in English” Ex-Berliner, “Berlin in English”