Cities, Difference, Community: a Manifesto - Collidoscope Berlin
Berlin is a city full of every imaginable type of difference, from the working class block within the flashy district to the streets of Turkish imports and ancient Berliner pubs. We see diversity as a constitutive element, enriching our common spaces with nuance and contrast, in ways often left out of political debates on so-called ‘integration’. We see Berlin through a lens that, although formed by a unique historical and political context, can provide lessons for other metropolises struggling to build community in the face of diffusion and its discontents. Photo by Juri Gottschau We advocate for the idea that every city is home to its very own “collision” of cultures and thus has unique stories about diversity to share. Through the lens of migration – the movement and coming together of people – we believe that we can understand more about what makes ‘us’ who we are on an individual, local, and global scale. Through our personal lens of moving and living across borders, we aim to make sense of what defines and shapes the places we call home, as well as the places we leave. Cities, as a reflection of ‘the we’, are a good place to start. The Collidoscope Manifesto Originally published as a guest post for the Global [...]