About - Collidoscope Berlin
Photo by Anna Meister We are Kelly Miller (left), a social anthropologist in training, and Sophia Burton (right), an international education professional. We are two Americans living in Berlin. We are lovers of all things immigration, integration, and culture related. We are great friends. The term Collidoscope comes from our combination of the words “collide” and “kaleidoscope”, evoking the idea of a positive and colorful collision of perspectives, communities, and peoples through migration. We believe that (im)migration is a good thing. It makes our communities richer, our values more inclusive, and our relationships stronger. Yet, not everyone agrees, and media or politics may tell a different story about the places we call home. In Berlin, there are narratives for and against multiculturalism. We are a positive part of this discourse; for we believe in difference. Read our Manifesto on cities, difference, and community to learn more. This is our journey through Berlin as a vibrant center of migration, diversity, and cosmopolitanism, in whichever way they manifest: one story, analysis, and lens at a time. We hope you’ll join us! In case you’re curious… Kelly was formed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States, where she learned to appreciate [...]