Migration Matters: A Free Video Lecture Series - Collidoscope Berlin
When we talk about migration on this website, among our friends and colleagues, and particularly across the vast expanse of the internet, we are confronted with many misconceptions about who the immigrants and refugees of the world really are, what brings them to our countries and communities, and whether or not the statements made by politicians on immigration are true, let alone helpful. We write about the movement and coming together of people, because we believe commentary and discussion to be a powerful antidote to this perpetuation of misinformation. But are words, indeed our own voices, ever enough? A New Project: Migration Matters In collaboration with two inspiring women in the field of migration reporting and migration studies, we are embarking on a new chapter of Collidoscope’s mission in launching a free online course, which will deliver concise, accurate information about migration in just five minutes a day. This course will focus on promoting understanding of the issues: how and why migration happens, how it is being addressed around the world, and how we can become more informed actors in the process. We let “the experts” speak: accomplished, peer-reviewed researchers and educators, practitioners in the field, and migrants themselves. In [...]