No, this is not a post about a community-organized “Sister Day” at Venice Beach, although that would be sweet. A few weeks ago, my sister came out to visit and one of her requests was that we return to Venice Beach, where we spent our vacation in January. If you’ve never been to Venice, it’s basically a beachside town where all the freaks of Earth converge and try to coax money from tourists doing all kinds of activities, from lying on a bed of nails to playing the grand piano. At least one person will try to give you their mix tape, and you will see at roughly a dozen drifter camps guarded by a ragtag band of dogs. It’s seedy as all get out, but it’s also really fun. The beach is gorgeous (duh) and the people watching is truly out of this world. After lying on the beach for a few hours, we had a couple beers, then wandered around the boardwalk. My sister bought some souvenirs for friends back home, and we finished off the day with some extremely photogenic ice cream. It was a good day at Venice Beach. These pictures are really making me miss my sister. Hi Sissy! Follow Related