Source 1. Lena Dunham hilariously interviewing my girl Mindy Kaling for Rookie/Rolling Stone. 2. How to make your own pumpkin spice latte syrup from FIGS of all things, brought to you by House of Earnest. I mean, you’ll never catch me in the kitchen trying to make this (too busy bloggin’), but maybe you will and give me some? 3. Apartment 34 has some hot fall trends for the home including GOLD KITCHEN CABINETS #baller 4. A true mad man artist has his first art show at the age of 100 on Fast Company (above) 5. Do you guys read Hommemaker? Man, this guy just slays me. Check out his “Six Shocking Facts About Fire Island.” 6. How cool are these Parisian rooftops on Honestly WTF? 7. Traveling Shopaholic has a post about packing for a year-long trip. Can you imagine? 8. The above was written by Taylor Fields from Calloway Rose. She is on a yearlong journey around the world and is an extremely talented and hilarious writer. You have GOT to check out her blog. 9. The Chriselle Factor showed off her drool-worthy closet. 10. Four Pins shows us the abomination that is the Suitsie AKA a suit onesie. What blogs have you been reading this week? Related