Disposables: Fall Quarter - COLLEEN'S TRAVEL BLOG
Finals are done, and from now until the new year it’s all about Christmas beer, buying gifts, and reading lots of books! It’s a beautiful day today, so I really want to go down to the Short North and walk around for a while. We’ll see if my boyfriend ever wakes up… As I’ve written many times before, I lost my camera right before school started at my friends’ wedding. It’s a tragedy! In lieu of a real camera, I’ve been capturing my fall quarter memories on a disposable camera that my boyfriend had from freshman year. Check it: Football game fun. Eric with the girl from Sleigh Bells. Halloween (obviously, why else would I wear this?) My new party shirt! I was really impressed by this clawfoot tub and wanted to get inside. Wow, don’t disposable camera take AWESOME pictures?! If Santa doesn’t bring me a goddamn camera for Christmas, I’m going to kill him. Related