I’m not trying to jump the gun here, but some day, I want to get married. I’ve been watching a lot of Say Yes To the Dress, and I’m thinking that I need to get a better idea of what kind of dress I would like. Because I really have no idea. First, I’d like to say no to ballgowns. At 5’2″, a curvy 5’2″ at that, I’d probably look more like a hobbit than a beautiful bride in a ballgown. I would, however, like to say yes to sheaths. Like, correct me if I’m mistaken, but for someone short, this has to be the most lengthening type of dress, correct? My self-perception is that my body looks like Snooki’s, so you’d put her in something like this, right? As if she’s ever going to get married. Hahahaha But I am going to give a hells yes to sequins. In conclusion my perfect dress has this bodice (except in white): And a chiffon bottom that just sort of hangs there: I hope my boyfriend doesn’t wake up and realize what I’m doing! PS: This is not that super long post that I was promising! It’s coming, believe that. Related