Youtube Glamour and Bedroom Aesthetics - COLLEEN'S TRAVEL BLOG
Okay, I should be doing homework, but I have unfortunately discovered a new obsession (doesn’t that always happen during homework time?!). Perhaps I have been living under a rock, but Youtube has an endless amount of frothy, glamorous videos of pretty, popular-looking girls applying make up, getting ready to go out, showing off their clothing purchases and closets, etc. These videos are perfect for someone like me, who is lying around in squalor and should be writing a paper on site formation. I know it sounds weird. But here’s a good example: Isn’t that delightfully fun? It’s rather inspirational too (obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing right now). I want to work on building up the aesthetic quality of my life. Right now, there’s a bunch of crap on the floor. My laundry basket is filled with clean clothes that need to be put away with my computer charger draped across it. My desk is littered with books. There are like 5 empty water bottles next to my bed. There are shoes everywhere. My jewelry box is hanging open with jewelry spilling out of it. And just forget the make up situation…it’s horrendous. There’s a lot of other negative stuff going on in my life right now, outside of this room. This room is my sanctuary from all that is awful, so I should probably try to make it nice, shouldn’t I? Perhaps if my surroundings are nice, I could be nice too. In that vein, here’s some pictures of some pretty bedrooms ( Ever since I read all those purple mattress review articles, I LOVE to look at bedrooms): I love white. I guess I can never have children, pets, or red wine, because all I want in my life is white everywhere. It’s so calming and clean and soft…and if with a chaotic and drama-filled life, I really value those qualities. Well, anyone who reads this blog, what do you think? Should I begin a quest for Youtube domination or stick with blogger as my weapon? Related