Make My Funk the P-Funk - COLLEEN'S TRAVEL BLOG
Last night was my 21st birthday/disco party. It was a lot of fun, although I certainly overestimated how much alcohol I needed for the party. I have like a gallon of vodka and two cases of beer left over. Oh well, more for me! I could probably have another party with what I have left. Here’s some pictures of the night’s hijinks. I want to thank Jon for taking so many great pictures with my camera, because I was definitely too drunk to handle something like that! Also, I want to thank Suzanne, Grace, Paula, and Emily for showing up with a giant pink funfetti cake! It was delicious, and really made me feel special. And I need to thank Carly for taking me to buy drinks, and Eric for shaving a mustache (not that I asked him to do such a thing…) Related