Living is Easy with Eyes Closed... - COLLEEN'S TRAVEL BLOG
Last night I went to a Beatles party. It was so, so much fun but now I’m not really feeling that well. What else is new? There were great decorations (crayon drawings of Beatles lyrics taped on the walls), a sing along, and drinks called Strawberry Fields and Yellow Submarine. And that’s about all I remember. I know I was playing guitar at some point, which is a horrifying thought, and someone also gave me a tambourine, and at some point I think I may have performed a lap dance to “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” No joke. A lot of people had really clever costumes. I tried to do my makeup like Edie Sedgwick, but it’s debatable how well that turned out. It certainly didn’t look very good when I woke up today. Found something fun on the way there. Lucy in the sky with diamonds. She came in through the bathroom window. The Eggman. The Walrus. Karaoke/Drunken Sing-along I don’t think this is a very good look for me, but it was kind of fun to try. Ugh, I do not feel well today. This is pretty much the only thing I told myself I’d do today: clean this goddamn room. I’m living in squalor. It’s pretty embarrassing. I used to think I was a rather clean person, but obviously that’s not true. Yuck. Also, my left hand is severely bruised from over-zealous tambourine playing. I felt just like Davey Jones. You can’t even tell how bad it is in that picture. The bruise is a shocking shade of purple on the outside of my hand, and there is a huge black bruise on my palm. Why do I do these things to myself? These are the sorts of things they say on Intervention. Related