Sorry, lovely people of the blogosphere. I am a bad blogger. I don’t spend enough time doing it. The winter weather REALLY gets me down. Plus, I have no money to buy new clothes. Or any motivation to even look cute because I have to wear Nikes almost every day of my life. But here’s an update: A few weekends ago was Founders Day, AKA the thing that I have been planning and getting zits about for months now. It went very very well. Here are some pictures: It went well in the sense that everyone really enjoyed it and had a good time. It wasn’t my best night…someone started some seventh grade drama that caused me to slap my boyfriend across the face, which he does not deserve. And yet he STILL bought me Waffle House in the morning. What a swell guy! A few weeks ago we had a Shots for Haiti party and a VERY IMPORTANT AND FAMOUS GUEST SHOWED UP… Bugs Bunny! He really knows how to get down. On Friday I am having a Disco party (I’ve wrote on it before). I found my dress…let’s see if I can find it on Forever 21’s website. Tada! I recognize that it looks very unflattering in pictures (I thought so too), but Carly convinced me to try it on and I believe it’s going to take me from 2010 all the way back to 1977. I also purchased hoop earrings bigger than bracelets. Should be fun. If you’re in the central Ohio area, you should hit up our DJ for house parties. He does them for free and he played AWESOME music all night (although he did unfortunately play “Party in the USA”…we can’t all be perfect). You can visit his website here. My birthday is on Monday! I’m so excited! Related