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Our public research publications help computing professionals to make informed decisions on the best system configuration and programming practices for their needs. We also offer research services to help you Maximize your return on investment in computing infrastructure Find the optimal way to express your computing workload in software Describe your technology in a white paper for potential customers Reach out to us to see what we can do together. Who We Are We are a team of computing software professionals with scientific backgrounds. Colfax Research specializes in helping you adopt the ever more complex innovations in computing. Click to meet the team. Why Colfax Team. Our consultants and engineers have solid scientific foundation proven by Ph. D. degrees. This team has a thorough knowledge of the state-of-the-art methods and tools. It is made possible by years of experience in the field, constant training, and exposure to modern computing systems. Expertise. We have an established track record of high-quality research in computing software, system administration, and hardware configuration. Our domain of knowledge includes parallel processors, accelerators, interconnects, storage, and software tools for modern scientific computing. Equipment. Our department has access to the latest models of processors, network fabrics, memory, storage and [...]