To protect energy profits, Capital gambles with humanity's future
by Steve Drury People and Nature, December 14, 2011 After 12 days of wrangling, posturing, wheeling, dealing, cajoling and demonstrating, delegates at the 17th UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa failed to reach agreement by its scheduled close on Friday 9 December. It took a further 36 hours of "negotiations" to cobble together a deal: the style of discourse was familiar for this annual UN showcase of the climatically "great and good" – devious and vague. Following the agreement on wording, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, South African International Relations Minister and president of the conference, summed up the underpinning hubris of the weary yet self-satisfied negotiators: "No one can walk out of this room and say we don't care about climate change. … We came here with plan A, and we have concluded this meeting with plan A to save one planet for the future of our children and our grandchildren to come." The conference agreement had "saved tomorrow, today," she said. OK.