Friends of the Earth International: Disastrous Durban deal will accellerate climate catastrophe
Governments cannot do the job. The only hope for solutions to the climate crisis lies outside the negotiating halls, in the growing movement of workers, women, farmers, students, Indigenous Peoples, and others affected by this greedy economic system Friends of the Earth International on the outcome of the Durban climate talks The UN climate talks in Durban were a failure and take the world a significant step back by further undermining an already flawed, inadequate multilateral system that is supposed to address the climate crisis, according to Friends of the Earth International. Developed countries engaged in a smoke and mirrors trick of delivering rhetoric but no action, failed to commit to urgently needed deep emissions cuts, and even backtracked on past commitments to address the climate crisis, said Friends of the Earth International. The outcome of the Durban talks, heralded by some as a step forward, in fact amounts to: No progress on fair and binding action on reducing