Amazonian peoples' report exposes the grim reality of REDD
New report by Amazonian indigenous peoples exposes the reality of REDD+ in Peru: Land conflicts, carbon piracy and violations of indigenous peoples' rights A new report published by Peruvian indigenous organisations, AIDESEP, FENAMAD and CARE, and international human rights organisation the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP), reveals the impact that REDD projects and programmes are already having on the lives of indigenous peoples. The Reality of REDD+ in Peru finds that REDD pilot projects run by some NGOs and companies are already undermining the rights of indigenous peoples, and are leading to carbon piracy and conflicts over land and resources. Persistent advocacy efforts by indigenous peoples' organisations to secure respect for the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples have resulted in some government commitments to modify national REDD programmes financed by the World Bank. Nevertheless, solid guarantees for respect of these rights are yet to materialize. Roberto Espinoza