Australia: Grassroots campaign slams coal seam gas fracking
"The stop CSG campaign here is the broadest, deepest and most democratic campaign the Illawarra has seen for many years. COAL SEAM GAS ON THE ROPES by Ash Pemberton Green Left Weekly, October 16, 2011 More than 3000 people turned out on October 16 to walk across the Sea Cliff Bridge in the Illawarra in protest against coal seam gas mining plans in the area. The protest was further proof the coal seam gas (CSG) industry is in trouble. Its problem? An informed public. The Australian said on October 10 that a survey had showed the CSG industry was "losing the PR battle", with 63% of respondents recalling a negative media story about CSG. Driving the bad coverage has been the large grassroots campaign against the industry. The CSG industry has responded to its unpopularity in two main ways. It is carrying out a rapid expansion of drilling to embed the industry in the economy. And it is trying to counter concerns about CSG by blurring the facts and attacking its opponents. The CSG