How to make an ecosocialist revolution
Edited text of keynote presentation by Ian Angus to the Climate Change Social Change conference in Melbourne, Australia, October 2, 2011 A full-length video of Ian Angus's presentation is at the end of this article ==================================================== by Ian Angus Ian Angus is editor of Climate and Capitalism, and co-author, with Simon Butler, of the new book Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis. Meetings such as this play a vital role in building a movement that can stop the hell-bound train of capitalism, before it takes itself and all of humanity over the precipice. Building such a movement is the most important thing anyone can do today - so I'm honored to have been invited to take part in your discussions. **** One hundred and fifty years ago, Karl Marx predicted that unless capitalism was eliminated the great productive forces it unleashed would turn into destructive forces. And that's exactly what has happened. Every day we see