From 'common goods' to the 'common good of humanity'
Introduction to Commons-Conference organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, held inRome, 28-29 April 2011. Alongside the initiative for a referendum on water inItaly, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has decided to organize a conference on the concept of the Common Good of Humanity, in order to promote reflection on the links between the two notions and to integrate the demands and social struggles for a change of society. 1 WHY ASSOCIATE THE NOTION OF "COMMON GOODS" WITH THE CONCEPT OF THE "COMMON GOOD"? 2. The defense of the 'common goods' is, these days, an important priority for many social movements. The phrase includes both the indispensable elements for life, such as water and seeds, as well as the 'public services' that are today being dismantled by neoliberal policies, both in the South and in the North. The struggle consists of opposition to the wave of privatizations that are affecting many public utilities and networks, from railways, electricity, water, transport,