Australia's carbon price plan delays real action on climate change
The big environment groups that support the plan may win the battle for a carbon price, but they are on track to lose the climate change war. by Simon Butler Green Left Weekly, July 15, 2011 Action on climate change is one of the most important issues of all. But the Gillard government's carbon price plan is not a serious response, grounded in the climate science. The biggest problem is that it aims to take ten years to cut Australia's emissions by just 5% (based on 2000 levels). This is nowhere near enough. It's so far from enough that even if it succeeds, the world will still be pushed into an unstable, dangerous climate system. Most other developed countries have pledged much bigger emissions cuts than Australia. Yet most climate scientists say all the promised cuts put together will be too little, too late. Visiting German climate scientist Hans Joachim Schellenhuber told Lateline on July 12 that the Earth was on track for a 4°C temperature rise. "Unfortunately, the political