Australia's carbon price agreement: what's in it for renewables?
The plan is a gain for the grass roots campaign for renewable energy, but we must be clear about its limitations by Ben Courtice Blind Carbon Copy, July 15, 2011 After a few days to consider the ins and outs of the carbon price, this is an attempt to summarise the meaning of the agreement for renewable energy campaigners. We welcome comments and feedback here from those that have a different perspective! For an overall critique of the carbon price agreement, Friends of the Earth have labeled it "the greatest corporate windfall of our time." Climate campaigners have been most understandably happy about the funding bodies for renewable energy contained in the carbon price package. It seems that these measures are largely in place because of strong campaigning by the grassroots climate movement and the Greens MPs in negotiations. The carbon price agreement will create a Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), an independent body that will have $10 billion funds to allocate as loans or