Sarkar's confused defense of Malthus's capitalist ideology
Deep ecology versus ecosocialism, part 4. A prominent Marxist Humanist says that Saral Sarkar's defense of Malthus against Marx and Engels is "astoundingly wrong-headed" The following article is a response to Saral Sarkar on Malthusianism and Ecosocialism. It first appeared in slightly different form on the EI-Network discussion list, and is posted here with the author's permission. By Franklin Dmitryev Saral Sarkar's claims about Malthus and Marx are astoundingly wrong-headed. The urge to reduce population trends, economic trends, or "political ecology" to laws of nature is such a fundamental error that it is bound to lead to totally wrong conclusions. Even so, it is surprising that one could still maintain today that Malthus's "two theses (should we say laws?) on growth of food production and population growth are scientifically valid, even today, despite all the scientific and technological developments that have taken place since then. We should not be blind to facts." But what is