Climate Refugees (Réfugiés climatiques)
Newly translated book documents the human costs of climate change. Collectif Argos. Climate Refugees. MIT Press 2010. ISBN 9780262514392 Reviewed by Javier Sethness The French Collectif Argos' 2007 volume Réfugiés climatiques (Climate Refugees) has recently been translated into English. The work, a series of essays and sets of photographs that examine the lives of a number of social groups from around the globe who have been or likely soon will be victimized by anthropogenic climate change, is the product of four years of investigation; much of it seems to have been written shortly after the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) 2007 Fourth Annual Report. The work itself is a testament to massive human-rights violations, whether past or possible future, as well as to the stunning "loss of ethnodiversity" that climate catastrophe threatens to bring about. Though much of its textual argumentation is allied to reformism, its coverage of a number of regions