Anarchists Scapegoated for Ottawa Firebombing
Statement issued on May 21 by Common Cause, an anarchist organization with branches in four Ontario cities. Despite widespread claims by the media, there is no indication that the recent "firebombing" of an RBC bank branch in Ottawa was carried out by "anarchists." Nowhere in the statement or video that was published online was it claimed that those responsible were anarchists. For the media to claim that this is the work of anarchists without any evidence is the worst sort of red-baiting and gets a F grade in basic journalism. We have no idea what the politics of those who did this are. We also can't rule out the possibility that this act was carried out by agent-provocateurs. "This act should also be put in the context of the significant violence that is perpetrated on a daily basis by the state capitalist system such as the violence of war, poverty, colonialism and environmental destruction. While we seek to build resistance based on mass movements of working and oppressed peoples,